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 Basil & Cheese Cafe will prepare food for your memorable events such as small family gatherings, company meetings, and weddings.

Please contact us with any questions about the catering menu.

** Catering orders can be personalized into a variety of configurations using items from our menu. Inquire for details and we can help you decide on the best components to cover your needs**



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Assorted Breakfast Burrito Platter (Dozen) $150++

(Bacon Burrito, Ham & Egg Burrito, Avocado Mushroom & Spinach Burrito)


Cold Sandwich Platter (Dozen) $165++

(Smoked Turkey Sandwich, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Mediterranean Tuna Salad Sandwich, Tuscan Smoked Turkey Wrap)


Croissant Sandwich Platter (Dozen) $150++

(Ham & Cheese Arugula,  Smoked Turkey & Havarti Cheese Arugula w/ Fig Jam)


Assorted Pastry and Muffin Platter (Dozen) $60++

Assorted Cookies (Dozen) $48++


Fruit Platter (10-15 people servings) $175 ++


Cheese Platter (10-15 people servings) $350 ++

Veggie Platter (10-15 people servings) $350 ++


Greek Yogurt Parfait Bar (10-15 people servings) $175 ++

(Greek Yogurt, Assorted Berries, Three-Berries Compote, Almond & Oat Granola


1 Gallon Coffee (Guatemala Single Origin) (10 - 12 servings by 12 oz coffee cup) $58 ++

*Sugar, Half & Half, Stirs, 12 oz Hot cups and lids included*

Alternative non-dairy Milk choices – Oat Milk, Almond Milk, or Macadamia Milk ($3 extra charge)


Drinks & Others

Fiji Bottled Water, Yogurt Parfait Cup, Fruit Cup, Fresh Orange Juice, Kombucha, Liquid Death

++ (15% Service Charge and 9.5% Sales Tax)

Elevate Your Corporate Events With Premier Office Catering In Los Angeles

It is impossible to stress the importance of excellent food when it comes to arranging effective corporate catering in Los Angeles. The caliber of catering may make an impression on attendance, whether it's a key boardroom conference, a team-building event, or a significant client presentation. This is where LA Corporate Catering comes in, providing excellent office catering and corporate catering services that take your events to entirely new levels.

 1. Corporate Catering: A Gastronomic Adventure
 LA Corporate Catering is an expert at creating culinary experiences that are tailored to the particular requirements of business gatherings. Our wide range of services   ensures that every event is handled with the same degree of expertise and attention to detail, from small office luncheons to large corporate galas.
 2. Excellence in Office Catering
 We excel at offering workplace catering services that are both practical and delicious because we have an in-depth knowledge of the fast-paced corporate sector. Every   guest will have a wonderful dining experience thanks to our carefully crafted menus, which are designed to accommodate a range of tastes and dietary requirements. Our   menu  selections range from gourmet sandwiches and salads to exquisite multi-course meals, depending on whether you're holding a formal CEO meeting or an informal   team lunch.
 3. The Cuisine of Los Angeles
 Corporate lunch catering in Los Angeles is known for its unique culinary culture, and we add that distinctive flair to your business events. Our chefs infuse each dish with the   essence of LA's dynamic cuisine culture using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. From classic favorites to innovative creations, our menu reflects the city's culinary diversity,   ensuring that your event is an unforgettable gastronomic journey.
 4. Error-free Event Execution
 We are aware that planning a corporate event entails several moving pieces. You can concentrate on the main goals of your event since our committed team of specialists is   committed to guaranteeing a seamless catering experience. We handle every part of catering so you can relax and enjoy your event, from careful planning to prompt setup     and attentive service.
 5. Individualization to Meet Your Needs
 Office catering in Los Angeles supports the value of customization. We collaborate closely with you to fully grasp the demands of your event and make sure that the cuisine,   presentation, and service are all exactly in line with your goals. We go above and above to make your ideas a reality, whether you require gluten-free options, vegetarian   options, or a certain theme included in the catering.

Improve Corporate Events

 LA Corporate Catering shines out as a premier partner in creating memorable events in the thriving corporate scene of Los Angeles. Our dedication to quality, care for the   little things, and culinary prowess come together to produce memorable catering services. With anything from corporate lunch catering to painstakingly crafted menus, our   services elevate your events and make them unforgettable for the right reasons.

 You receive more than just a catering service when you work with corporate catering in los angeles; you get a partner committed to making your corporate events   successful.  To see how our famous catering services may enhance your upcoming corporate event, get in touch with us right away.

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